Often we receive clients in desperate situations, who at best do not have funds to grow and at worst are about to lose their business. They have been turned down by their friendly commercial bank because their business does not fit the very stringent lending criteria. Sometimes, it is past hard decisions which come back to haunt our business clients.

We understand that past business difficulties are not the beginning and end of the story that is your business. Sometimes it is not bad credit, but rather a lack of credit that hinders the ability to obtain capital. We have programs that look at cash flow and ability to pay more than credit score of guarantors. Our most popular program can also serve to build credit to the point of being able to obtain more advantageous loans in the future.

Some ideal prospective clients would include those who have been in business 6 months or more, have FICO in the 500s and annual revenue of $100,000 or more. These described clients can qualify for a true, term loan that is unsecured and builds credit.

We generally find that after success in the above program, we can successfully submit a package to the preferred SBA lenders, with whom we work with to obtain a more permanent solution.

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